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Tunisia, In Berber ⵜⵓⵏⴻⵙ . officially ( Tunisian Republic )
Capital: Tunis
Population: 10,777,500 (2012)
Area: 165,000 sq km
Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
Currency: TND (Tunisian Dinar)
Language: Arabic, Tamazight ( Berber ) and French is widely used

Travel guide to Tunisia:

Tunisia alone evokes romantic images of Sahara desert moons, Mediterranean houses on top of hills, plains dotted with olive trees and the enchanting sand dunes of the Sahara desert. It might look tiny country but Tunisia holds enough history and diverse natural beauty to make competition to most Mediterranean countries. Tunisia is a safe country, probably the safest at the moment in North Africa, as it is also one of the main destination for millions of European travellers and tourists looking for desert & sea fun as well as to see amazingly well preserved Roman archaeological sites and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tunisia is a thrilling and underrated destination where cultures and landscapes blend together and can be explored in just few days. Take advantage of Tunisian climate in the coast for example as it is perfect for all kinds of outdoors activities, water and desert fun. In the North region you can enjoy the best diving and snorkelling as Tunisia’s clear warm waters are ideal for underwater exploration. There are more than six sites open to adventurous divers, with a wide diversity of corals, caves, fish and caverns. It might be a small piece of land, but if you for fun beyond turquoise beaches then Tunisia is definitely the way to go. Hotels will surely offer you entertainment in the form of discos at night and horse rides during the day.

Travelling towards the Sahara desert of Tunisia, provides spectacular activities such as sand bike rides, hot-air ballooning, camel ride, and paragliding. Tunisian desert provides the perfect conditions for air fun and the outskirts of the Sahara are the perfect scenario if you look at it from above from any kind of aircraft. In Tozeur you can take paragliding lessons from qualified instructors. Strap your camera with you and you’ll be able t capture the most amazing views of the desert and oasis! Believe or not, if you are a thrill seeker, the Tunisian desert might have a few pleasant surprises. If you have never heard of sand-yachting or sand-skiing before, just stay in the desert and you’re in for pleasant surprises. Motorbikes are also found in the desert, and trust me on this one, they are the best vehicle to go around and explore if the weather allows it.

Climate & when to go:

Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate, hot dry in summer and mild in winter. Visiting Tunisia is best in spring time, between March & May, with warm temperatures and wild flowers covering the countryside. Summer is great time for beach holidays. The sahara desert is too hot in summer, and the best time to visit Tunisia if you want to join an adventure tour to the Sahara desert is in late autumn between October & January.

Before you go:

Visas And Passport Requirements:

Nationals of most Western European countries including Canada, Algeria and Libya can stay up to 3 months without a visa. An entry stamp  at the entry point required. US passport holders can stay up to 4 months. Australians and South Africans can get a 3 moths entry visa on arrival. Other nationalities need to apply before arrival.
Travel Insurance:

Before you travel, please make sure that you have a comprehensive travel insurance and check what circumstances, destination and activities are covered. Choosing a travel insurance that covers your destination and the activities you are taking is highly advised.

Practical information


The Tunisian currency is TND (Tunisian Dinar) , which is divided into into 1000 milims or millimes. It’s illegal to import or export Tunisian currency and they are not accepted in the duty free shops at any of Tunisia’s Airports.


ATMs found in most of Tunisian cities, towns and tourist areas. An cash are given in local currency (Tunisian Dinar ) only.



Nightlife Most of hotels in Tunisia offering entertainment in the form of discos at night and horse riding during the day. Most Cities in Tunisia have night clubs, But since Tunisian people are very friendly, why not going around and find fun and adventure? In Tunisia it is always worth adventuring outside typical tourist areas. Forget about cinema and clubs, instead explore the magic of festivals and folk Berber shows. However you can find much amusement in festivals, traditional folk music, Berber dances and shows, all this accompanied by exquisite Arab-Mediterranean music. Festivals are varied, cheerful and can be found anywhere in Tunisia, including remote corners like Ksar Ghilane. But if you're still up in the north side, we recommend to attend one of Carthage's festivals , held in the beautiful theatre of Carthage.

Culture and history

Culture & history As a cultural feature, Tunisia is very family oriented and therefore very welcoming to its visitors from abroad. You can easily be invited to people's homes or asked to join them for a mint tea or delicious meal. Tunisia generally very relaxed when it comes to women in big cities like Tunis, Sidi Bou Said or the islands even, you’ll find women wearing varying degrees of western dress and some very tight jeans on the young, while others more conservative. Most urban women, for example, dress in Western clothes and do not veil themselves. Thus, being a coast country, Tunisians people absorb new cultural influences from abroad while insisting on upholding their own values, but they are also vigilant about the impact of Western influence on their way of life. We advice to dress conservatively – loose pants and tops, cover your legs and shoulders, and you should be fine. Above all this though, Tunisians are incredibly friendly and respectful. Tunisians are very hospitable people, so you should enjoy your time there. In Tunis you’ll find women driving, although not too often. And it’s true that you don’t see cars with women driving in the countryside, and no women in bars or restaurants except for some tourists. Street cafés, however, have increasingly become the preserve of men, especially in rural areas where relations between the sexes are still governed by conservative social norms. In spite of its openness, Tunisia is very fond of its traditions, spend their time at cafes, playing games, smoking chichas. Alcohol drinks are generally discouraged in most Muslim countries, in Tunisia you can find specially licensed shops that will sell you light alcohol drinks. Just avoid drinking in public areas as it is likely to cause offense to many Tunisians.

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