Design your own tour in Libya, Tunisia, Morocco & Egypt and set your own price.

Whether you want us to design the best flexible Sahara adventure or a tour that tailored to your needs and your budget, or you are an individual or a group and would like to design your own tour or tailor your Sahara adventure tour  in Libya, Tunisia, Morocco & Egypt and choose your own route to travel. We can provide you with all the tourism services you need in Libya, Tunisia, Morocco & Egypt.

Please contact us and make sure you include as much information about your request as you can like:

  • Number of visitors
  • Nationality
  • Age (roughly)
  • Duration of stay
  • Expected times of arrival and departure
  • Entrance and departure point
  • Sites you want to visit.

…or follow the steps with our on-line tool  tailor your tour

The services you want to include in your tour like:

  • If transport required.
  • If hotels booking is required.
  • What class of hotels and number& type of rooms
  • If you prefer hostels or camping instead of hotels
  • If meals are required
  • If museums and archaeological sites fees are required
  • If museums and archaeological sites guides are required

Then we will be able to reply with our best offer and prices.

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