Djerba Tataouine Chenini


One Day Trip Tour to Tataouine Chenini starts from Djerba: This excursion will allow you to discover the real beauty of Berber fortified granaries, visiting the famous Star Wars film location, Exploring the ruined Berber villages. Your excursion will start with a drive via the ancient Romans causeway towards Tataouine to visit its famous ksour […]


Explore Djerba Island One Day Tours

Djerba excursion

Explore Djerba Island in one day tour. This excursion will allow you to discover the real beauty of Djerba island and its history, visiting the shops selling traditional handicrafts, walk into the maze cobblestone streets and know about a history of ethnic and religious diversity where Jews and Muslims live side-by-side peacefully.. Your excursion will […]


Day Trip To Nafusa Mountain

troglodyte caves in Gharyan

One Day Trip Tour to Nafusa Mountain: Adrar Nafousa or Jabal Nafousa tour will start with first stop at Qasr Al-Haj, where you will visit the traditional Berber fortified granary, before continuing to Tormisa to see Fantastic views from this deserted and ancient stone village of Tarmeisa, clings to a narrow rocky outcrop overlooking a […]


Day Trip to Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna Theatre

One Day Trip Tour to Leptis Magna, a unique place to see, largely for one reason, being the most complete Roman city in the world. Sites to visit including the Triumphal Arch of Septimius Severus , the Hippodrome, the Hadrianic Baths, the Amphitheatre, the Basilica, the Temples of Hercules and Roma, the Severn Forum, and […]


Day Trip to Sabratha

Sabratha archaeological site

Day trip to sabratha tour to explore Sabratha Site, one of Libya’s world heritage sites, was originally a Berber settlements before the Phoenicians arrived to turn it into a busy trading port. The city enjoyed some success for a while, but then it was badly damaged by a number of earthquakes. Sites to visit in […]